Closing the Five Education Gaps

Publication for the African American Leadership Forum. This helpful booklet addresses the huge gaps in education for people of color by suggesting five solutions.

Museum Sage

Website and app for a museum audience engagement program that Laurie and her husband co-founded. They've been hired by museums all over the country to help museum visitors gain insight into their personal lives through art.

Two Dames & Friends

Branding, website, postcard, business cards, ad, and notecard for a home services company serving people who are moving or improving their current house. Two Dames and Friends are soccer moms who are super energetic, kind, and tons of fun.

Theresa Fricke

Branding, website, and business cards for a former nurse turned energy healer.

Sarah Schaleger

Website, postcards and business cards for an artist who makes art for hospitals and other health settings to promote healing.

Keep Talking

Printed booklet for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, used as tobacco cessation information for kids and parents.

Poetry Stairwells

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota corporate campus. Collaboration with Gwen Hauser and 25 employee volunteers.

In order to encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator (an employer health initiative) two dull, dark stairwells were transformed with bright colors, stenciled poetry and silhouettes on all four floors, offering users a respite from their work day. Digital sound machines with a babbling brook soundtrack were installed.

The employee volunteers who helped with the project formed a community of stair users, deeply involved with the initiative. There was an enormous increase in stair usage measured as a result of these installations.

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