“The most emotionally affecting piece in this exhibit is ‘Suicide Survivors’ Club: A Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One,’ a series of little books designed and produced by artist Laurie Phillips about a family’s emotional upheaval following the suicide of a husband and father of three. Each book tells the story of one survivor in simple, moving words, the mother tangled in legal and survival problems, the college-age daughter emotionally derailed, sons age 5 and 7 drifting between play and incomprehension. 

Phillips’ imaginative watercolors, shifting perspectives and whimsical cartoons set just the right tone, conveying the tragedy’s pain and resolution without sentimental pathos…. Several gallery visitors on a recent morning paused to read the little books and then began spontaneously talking about them with other visitors.”
- Star Tribune art critic Mary Abbe

Our Homeless Teens
Minnesota State Capitol Building

Medical Portraits
Hennepin County Medical Center Hospital

Forecast Public Artworks R&D grant
Story Graph Portrait
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education memorial event, Minneapolis

Big People
FORECAST Public Artworks grant installation. Cedar-Riverside People’s Center bell tower, Minneapolis.

Big Women
Weisman Art Museum-commissioned installation, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

New American Portraits
FORECAST Public Artworks/United Arts grant. Hennepin County Government Center, Minneapolis.

Electronic Literature Generator
Jerome grant. Open Book Literary Center, Minneapolis.

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts commission. St. Paul, Toronto, Brooklyn, Cairo.

Big Friends
Friends School commission, St. Paul.

Bad Art Night, Vision Cards, and Artomancy

Vertical Sidewalk
Installation Cedar and Riverside, Minneapolis.

Story Leaf Project
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts commission. Rice Park, St. Paul.

I’m As Sick As
Your Secrets

Installation 27th Avenue SE and Yale Avenue, Minneapolis.

Poetry Stairwells
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota corporate campus.

Design work

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